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Docker Local Scheduler

New as of 0.12.0

Dokku natively includes functionality to manage application lifecycles for a single server using the scheduler-docker-local plugin. It is the default scheduler, but as with all schedulers, it is set on a per-application basis. The scheduler can currently be overridden by running the following command:

dokku config:set node-js-app DOCKER_SCHEDULER=docker-local

As it is the default, unsetting the DOCKER_SCHEDULER config variable is also a valid way to reset the scheduler.

dokku config:unset node-js-app DOCKER_SCHEDULER

Implemented Triggers

This plugin implements various functionality through plugn triggers to integrate with Docker for running apps on a single server. The following functionality is supported by the scheduler-docker-local plugin.

  • check-deploy
  • core-post-deploy
  • post-delete
  • pre-deploy
  • pre-restore
  • scheduler-deploy
  • scheduler-docker-cleanup
  • scheduler-run
  • scheduler-stop
  • scheduler-tags-create
  • scheduler-tags-destroy
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